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Advertising Cards

Promotion card handouts in packs of 500 – Free with 24 month sign up.

Promote yourself and your booking page / website. 2 sided.

  • Scan  QR code – Direct link to Bookdirectapp
  • Scan QR code – Direct to your booking page
  • Hand out to customers who use OTA’s to ensure they book direct on their next journey.
  • Guaranteed increase in your direct bookings!

Personalized details including your logo and QR code link to your website or booking page now available.

Corporate Listing Registration

Company listings or corporate listings where one company or brand has multiple accommodation outlets

Listing displays the following:

  1. Website
  2. Multiple images
  3. All social media links
  4. Phone number displayed
  5. Full business details displayed
  6. Book direct commission free link
  7. No complicated contracts to be tied into.
  8. No auto renew to have to cancel – we contact you.

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