You have spent years building other companies (OTA’s) websites.


Greater profitability:
OTAs like charge hefty commissions on each booking, often 15-30% or more. By promoting your direct booking page, you cut out these middlemen and keep all the revenue for yourself. This can significantly boost your profit margins and allow you to offer more competitive rates or invest in improving your property.

Enhanced guest relationships: Booking directly through your website gives you control over the entire guest experience, from initial inquiry to post-stay follow-up. This allows you to build stronger relationships with your guests, gather valuable data about their preferences, and personalize their stay. OTAs limit your interaction with guests, making it harder to build brand loyalty and repeat business.

Increased control and flexibility: When you rely on OTAs, your online presence is largely dictated by their platform and algorithms. They control your page layout, pricing strategy, and promotional opportunities. Promoting your direct booking page gives you back the reins. You can tailor your website to showcase your unique selling points, offer exclusive deals and packages, and run targeted marketing campaigns to attract your ideal guests.